1-Year-Old Essentials: 4 Basic Things Moms Need

Your baby's first birthday brings on a wave of emotions. It is a time to celebrate that your baby is one step closer to becoming a steadfast toddler. It is also a time to commemorate that you have made it through a whole year of parenting!

As your little one approaches toddlerhood, you might be wondering what you need for your 1-year-old. Here are four must-haves and baby essentials that will make life easier for parents and baby:

1. Baby Clothes

It is time to pack up the swaddles and footies! Transition to clothing styles that promote walking and adventure. A new age means a new wardrobe for you little fashionistas. Durability meets style with our Miniclasix fashionable sets.

Sweater Cardigan Top Pant Set
animal print coverall
star intarsia sweater top pant set
heart intarsia sweater top legging set

2. Feeding Supplies

Your mini is probably ready to indulge in new culinary experiences. And with that level of exploration comes mess! As your little one transitions from bottles to solid foods, you'll need feeding supplies that you can use out of ease and necessity. Silicone suction placemats and silicone bibs can help make meal and snack time much easier. Added bonus? It’s easy to clean.

busy baby placemat
mushie baby bib

3. Blanket or lovey

At this stage, toddlers start going through a new phase of attachment to parents and comforting items. It is a great time to start introducing a comfort item such as a stuffed animal or blanket. Our receiving blankets make the perfect swaddle for your baby and transition to a lovey for your toddler.

pink receiving blanket
ivory receiving blanket

4. Books and Toys

It is time to play! Your little one has a whole new world to explore, especially on foot. Interactive toys like ball pits, swings, and fun climbing furniture can keep your mini on the move. They'll learn and experience new and fun things every single day!

ball pit
climbing furniture