All Things Easter!

Here come's Petter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail - Easter is on its way! Make your Easter extra special with a Miniclasix outfit.

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Special Newborn Footies

Our floral and picture perfect footies make the best stylish outfit for brand new baby girls while our striped footies will keep your newest little man in style. 

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New Born & Infant Fashion

Keep it classic this year with our lace dresses and chic outfits for your sweet easter chicks. Our sweater outfits will keep your little bunnies chic and ready for play!

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Easter Craft-Handprint Bunnies

Easter Craft-Handprint Bunnies Top

Easter Craft-Handprint Bunnies Bottom

All you need for this super sweet craft is colored paper, a black pen, scissors, and a pink marker.

- First, loosely trace your child’s hand on the paper with the black pen.

- Next, cut the handprint out with scissors. Fold the pinky and thumb finger in towards the middle of the hand (you may want to trim as necessary to even out). Cut off the center finger to leave two bunny ears.

- Using a pink marker, draw in your ears and nose. Use the black pen to add eyes, whiskers, mouth, and paws.