Baby Travel Hacks

Summer time is the perfect time to get away and create unforgettable memories with your little ones! Hitting the open road soon? We have some travel hacks to make your trip a little easier!

Travel Hacks

Bring on the snacks! 

Keeping a large stash of kid friendly snacks in an easy to reach location can help prevent meltdowns during your travel. Fresh fruit, juice boxes, puree pouches, and crackers are great road trip snacks for kids to enjoy mess free, and a thermos of hot water can help to warm bottles for your baby. Make sure to pack extra wet wipes and paper towels to quickly clean any spills. Also have lots of water on hand to keep hydrated during your trip! 

Keep it Comfortable

Make sure that your little stays comfortable - dressing them in pajamas can help them settle in easier for a nap in their carseat and make for quick diaper changes when you stop. Bringing a portable white noise machine can also help them fall asleep easier in the car. Plan to stop every two hours or so between naps to give your little one a break from the car seat and remember that the goal is to get to your destination safely, not quickly! 


Get your littles out into the fresh air during stops and let them walk around to stretch their legs.  Set up a diaper changing station in your trunk with plenty of extra diapers and wipes in case rest stops aren’t easily accessible.


Our footies make the perfect road trip attire!

It’s Showtime!

Keeping kids entertained in cars can be quite a task. Plan to bring a new toy or a toy that they haven’t seen in a while to keep them entertained for longer periods of time. Coloring books, bubbles, easy age-appropriate crafts can help keep boredom at bay.

Timing is everything-keep your child’s schedule in mind when planning your travel. Leave right before a nap time if they sleep well in the car. If they don’t sleep well in the car, leave just after they wake up from a nap and have eaten to maximize your travel time before having to stop. 


Our blankets are a great snuggle item or peek-a-boo prop!

Remember to go with the flow and soak in the memories. Some of the best stories come from unexpected adventures!