Our Must-Haves for Moms On-the-Go: Diaper Bag Essentials

Miniclasix Diaper Bag Essentials

Diaper bags carry everything mom and baby need while out and exploring the world or running errands. Even minimalist parents have their go-to bag for wipes, diapers, pacifiers, and occasional snacks.

But before you go, you might be wondering whether you really need that extra #MiniOutfit for your bundle of joy. The answer is yes, yes you do! We've rounded up a few essential items beyond the basic diapers and wipes. 

Here are a few ways to ensure that your diaper bag has everything necessary for a fun trip out!


No matter where you go or how long you’re gone, an extra change of clothes is never a bad idea. Changing temperatures or messy playtime can ruin outfits in no time. Staying out past bedtime? Take an extra pair of pajamas for the ride home.

Eating Accessories - Readily Available

Mealtimes outside the house can be stressful. Whether you are nursing, bottle feeding or your little one is eating solids, it can be quite a challenge without a stocked-up diaper bag. 

Accidents are bound to happen, so keeping an extra bottle in your bag can prevent mealtime meltdowns over dropped bottles. All babies are notoriously messy, so we (and every other mom out there) having extra bibs on hand can lessen the chaos! Don't forget to bring some snacks and water for yourself, too.

Burp Cloths and Muslin Blankets Are Great When You're On The Go

Burp cloths are one of mom's best friends! You can never have too many - especially during your baby's feeding routine. It keeps any spit-up or food off you and your little one. It's equally as convenient for wiping dribble and soaking up accidental spills. Muslin blankets are a must-have too. We can't even count how many we carry. The ways you can use them are endless out the house. They can act as nursing covers, playmats at the park, or be used as swaddles, to name a few.