Influencer Top Picks | @LyonsLifestyle

Shouldn't dressing your little one be just as fun as they are? Tiny leather jackets with chic dresses. Chunky sweaters with little skirts and sneakers. Tutus and tees. Everything in miniature! You can't be fab without fabulous inspiration. Cue Penny Lyons, lifestyle influencer and blogger. 

Penny Lyons is an entertainer, party planner, food stylist, and table designer who splits her time between her homes in Westport, CT and Nantucket Island. She is the owner of LyonsLifestyle, a go-to blog and website where she shares her passion for celebrating life and style.

She is also grandmother to a few adorable minis. Watch her unboxing for Penny's top picks for Easter for her grand babies. 

"Joyfully, and in the knick of time…when we were not out in the world shopping yet, I was introduced to a NEW online baby clothier, Miniclasix. Lucky me! I selected some beautiful outfits for my new granddaughter, including what would be her very first Easter dress. This beautiful big box arrived shortly after I did and I’d love to show you what was in it…

Here are some snippets from my unboxing video with my daughter Brooke, a television and movie actor, produced by her husband Max, a television and movie producer! Whether you’re a new parent or grandparent, or just looking for that special gift, Miniclasix clothing is one-of-a-kind, which is what I look for! These stylish baby outfits create a fashion forward wardrobe of beautifully constructed clothes for your 0-24 months babes!"