The Beach is Calling! A Guide to Swimwear for Your Mini

Is it your first summer with a little one? Maybe you have a little one that loves the water! Whether you’re a brand new mom or a seasoned professional, it’s essential to know how to properly outfit your baby for days of sun, sand, and fun. Protection, ease, and of course style, are all key to keep in mind while choosing your little one’s swimwear.

Protecting your baby’s precious skin from harmful UV rays should be a top priority. Look for swimsuits that are made with UVF 50+ sun protection (many of Miniclasix’s swimwear products feature this type of fabric!). If your child is more sensitive to the sun or has extremely fair skin, we recommend a swimsuit that provides extra coverage. Our Pink Long Sleeve Swimsuit is a perfect choice!

Pink Long Sleeve Swimsuit

Swimwear with easy access for diaper changes can make your pool or beach days a whole lot easier! Look for bathing suits that can be easily and comfortably taken off your child— no little one wants a wetsuit over their head every time they need a change! Many of Miniclasix’s bathing suits feature a snap fastener at the diaper area, allowing for quick, fuss-free changes.

Blue Swimsuit

Animal Swimsuit

What should your child wear over their swimsuit? Regular clothes could work, but that might not be comfortable on hot days. A lightweight cover up is the perfect solution! Cover ups are ideal for time spent off the beach, or if the seashore gets too chilly for baby. Our pullover gauze cover up is an easy-on, easy-off way to look cute and stay comfy!

Gauze Poncho Swimsuit Coverup

Last but certainly not least—we know that when it comes to swimwear, you want your little one to look their very best! It’s only natural to want your baby to look like the cutest fish in the sea. Our swimsuits feature unique patterns and materials that will keep your child looking as stylish as ever while enjoying the summer fun.

Yellow Floral Swimsuit

Girls Floral Swimsuit