The Perfect Gifts For A New Parent

Becoming a new parent is a beautiful transition that should be celebrated! But with every transition comes its highs and lows. And for every sweet smile and cuddly moment, there is a sleepless night or a blow-out diaper to balance it out.  Here are three ways to send some love to the new parents in your life and help them celebrate their new bundle of joy. 

Welcome Home Gifts for Baby

Now that the little one is here, parents will be proud to show them off! Help them celebrate their sweet new babe with gift sets like a receiving blanket and matching bib (you can never have too many) or a footed layette for a picture-perfect “going home” outfit. Timelessly tasteful and designed to make these milestone moments extra special.


Food and Grocery Delivery Gift Cards

Deliver the food without the hassle! After a long day, new parents often don't feel up to the masses of visitors that can easily be unleashed upon them.
Instead of delivering something to their doorstep, send a gift card instead. While you won't be able to receive baby snuggles just yet, they'll appreciate the convenience. Parents can order food at their convenience and satisfy any late-night cravings while they are up with baby!
Even better, send a subscription to a meal service such as Freshly. Their easy meals are made with only thoughtful ingredients like lean proteins, seasonal veggies, and whole-grain starches. When the box arrives all you have to do is heat it up. 

Lovevery Subscription

All new parents wonder what to do with their bundle of joy during the day to make sure they receive quality learning and development at such an early stage. A great app to try is Loveevery; each subscription comes with an age-appropriate kit for your little one, starting as early as the newborn phase. The app will help them meet their developmental milestones through screen-free play.